Dr. Doris Branson

TheGoodSleepClub™’s own Sleepologist. Dr. Branson has over 50 years of experience ranging from two decades of nursing, Professor Ameritus of nursing, as well as working with geriatric patients at later part of her career. She has a masters in Education, masters in Nursing w/ a specialty in gerontology, and a Doctorate in Educational administration. Her breadth of holistic healthcare as well as a deep understanding of sleep disorders and the health issues associated with them makes her a perfect fit for TheGoodSleepClub™ to help ensure we are on track with your sleep solutions and offer content that will help you reach your sleep goals.

Research Experts

We have a team of research experts that have been in research for over 20 years. They have worked to bring you the best products to help create the customized approach that you are looking for to help you regain balance in your life through good, restful sleep.

Educators/Medical Experts

Not only are the products we offer tested and proven effective, we also have a team of experts on our staff to ensure that the data and products we share with you are part of a holistic offering.

Product Offering

We use only products that have data to support their use in the market. The OTC brands we use are researched and have data points to prove all claims that are made on the product. Each product comes with information on how it can help with your sleep issues.

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